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'Blessed to be at Byrd'
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Tuesday, October 09, 2012
Byrd School
Byrd School


‘Blessed to be at Byrd'

Driving through the Old Town historic district in Selma, you may not notice Selma's oldest school sitting there, but you cannot miss the well-aged and majestic live oak sitting out in front.

The "Byrd Learning Tree," as it is called has been designated as an Alabama Famous Historical Tree by the Alabama Forestry Commission and is an iconic figure in front of one of Selma's eminent schools, Byrd Elementary.

The large live oak sits just to the left of the entrance of Byrd and well out dates the 91-year old school.

Byrd, which opened its doors in 1919 and is located on Lapsley Street, sits on nearly the exact spot where former Judge William Byrd's home site. And, according to a historic placard, the tree once provided shade to that home, as it does now to the school.


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